Welcome to SafeStart Driving School

Thank you for your interest in SafeStart Driving School. At SafeStart driving we believe in safety through education. Our comprehensive program will give you the experience you need to feel confident behind the wheel.This Website is intended for you to use as a tool.. You may also register online, and make payment through the mail,  in person, or with cash.  You will also find some information on obtaining an education driving permit. (An education permit must be acquired before your first class.)  We are here to help, and to guide you on the road to becoming a safe, defensive and courteous driver. If you have any questions or need more information please email, or call us at the number listed below or the email .

No classroom sessions are planned at this time. If you really want a classroom session contact SafeStart by email or phone.

Driver Training Online

SafeStart Driving School is now offering driver training on line.

  • Study online anywhere- anytime
  • Perfect for busy athletes and others with limited time
  • Study at your own pace.
  • Quick feed back
  • Excellent learning tool

The address posted here is only a mailing address!  Classroom location is posted on the Contact Us page.

Please note that this is the new email address for Safe Start Driving School.

Mailing Address only!

SafeStart Driving School
19156 Pleasant Ave
Caldwell, ID 83607

SafeStart is currently conducting online classes only. No classroom sessions are planned in the near future.